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When it rains in Seaside Park, stormwater flows over our driveways, streets, lawns, and sidewalks.  Along the way, it picks up debris, chemicals, oil, pet waste, and other pollutants.  All of these things flow into our storm drains and go DIRECTLY into the Barnegat Bay!  Storm drains in Seaside Park do not lead to a treatment plant!  Anything that goes into our storm drains will make its way into the bay.

In order to minimize this, here are some things we can all do to help combat this:

If you see someone deliberately dumping anything into a storm drain call the police at 732-793-8000, the DPW at 732-793-5100, or 1-877-WARN-DEP to report it.

Please check out the following links to learn more about stormwater and non-point pollution.