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Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
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Posted April 30, 2012

(12/P51) TRENTON – Due to ongoing concerns about below normal precipitation, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin today encouraged residents across New Jersey to take steps to conserve water, both inside the home and outside.

While recent rainfall has helped ease this year’s precipitation deficits somewhat, the effects of an unusually dry winter and spring are starting to be felt across the state.

“Overall our major water supplies, including reservoirs and deep aquifers, remain in good shape,” Commissioner Martin said. “But after too much precipitation last year, we’ve now swung in the opposite direction, with months of below normal precipitation. Most concerning is that our stream levels and shallow groundwater supplies are severely stressed. Our goal is to begin moderating demand by asking residents to voluntarily conserve water before peak summer use begins.”

 Full NJDEP News Release