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Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
along the entire ocean beach and boardwalk

Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
on the ocean beach and boardwalk

News & Updates

Posted October 28, 2012

*** The Borough of Seaside Park is under a mandatory evacuation effective 4 pm Sunday, October 28. Police will be manning all roadblocks at entrances into Seaside Park at 4 pm to keep visitors and sightseers out. Before leaving the island please make sure to bring identification with you because proof of residency will be required to re-enter Seaside Park after the storm.. ***

*** Severe Weather Alert: OEM will be updating everyone signed up for Swift 911 Notification with any news alerts about Hurricane Sandy. Please sign up below to receive these call outs. As of 10/26/12 garbage pickup and recycling pickup has been cancelled for next Monday (10/29), Tuesday (10/30), and Wednesday (10/31). DO NOT place any garbage or recycling at the curb. Preparations should be made for the impending severe weather system. The police dispatch window is currently being manned and residents can reach the department at 732-793-8000 for assistance. ***