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Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
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Posted November 7, 2012

Dear Citizens & Taxpayers of Seaside Park
I and the Council members are in receipt of your many emails, but it has been difficult to respond to each and every one of them so I hope to address their recurring concerns.
Again, I fully understand the frustrations you express in having expected to access your homes on BOTH Monday and Tuesday, especially after the difficult connections that were required to get that activity from planning to execution.  Some time after It was underway it was abruptly terminated by outside authority. As of this writing, the New Jersey State Police and Office of Emergency Management does not support re-entry of non critical individuals to the barrier islands in Ocean County.  Requests for permission may only be secured from the Governor’s office.  His mandatory evacuation order is still in effect.
Several of your emails have been accusatory saying that the elected officials are doing nothing. In response please realize that we have communicated with the Governor’s office;  we have communicated with our District 9 legislators.   Senator Connors, Assemblywoman Gove, and Assemblyman Rumpf dispatched a letter to the Superintendent of the State Police requesting a review of the prohibition which is keeping our residents from our town when the road situation does not appear to be an issue for us.
Many of you expressed fear that your pipes will freeze.  The Borough is making every effort to prevent that from happening.  We will have more information on our web site in the next day or so.
Finally, I would ask you to be patient.  And I know that that is a lot to ask!  I fully realize that eight or nine days is a long time to wait.  We have already achieved an opportunity for us to go onto the island, and we are working  hard to see to it that you are again allowed to check your homes.  We are also formalizing a plan to bring our government and the borough services onshore for everyone’s convenience.
Please remember to check the Borough website and listen for the updates from Chief Larkin.
I wish to again acknowledge our borough personnel, volunteers and their organizations who have been on the frontline and working hard since the preparation stage, even before the storm’s arrival.  And to their families who are in many ways sacrificing in order to support their extraordinary service to our community, its residents, property owners and business people,        . 

  Thank you!
Mayor Robert W. Matthies, Jr.