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Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
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Posted November 6, 2012

Hello Neighbors and Friends!

Today was a happy and sad day for those of us who got back into town to see our homes, assess damage, clean out what we could, and gather possessions to bring back across the bridge.

Many of us feel very blessed and thankful because we suffered very little damage, while others of us found much damage to our homes, particularly those on the bay side.

A lot of work went into developing the plan to assure that the town would still remain secure while granting access to property owners and residents. This was a joint effort between the Borough of Seaside Park and Berkeley Township, effected by the Chiefs of Police.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the Seaside Park Fire Department, the Seaside Park, Berkeley Township and Toms River Township police departments, the employees in Public Works, and the great effort rendered by our Administrator and all that department’s staff. And, a terrific hosting job by Superintendent Tom and the folks at Central Regional. I am so proud of our people who worked tirelessly and whose diligence allowed us to take this huge step toward alleviating the frustration and worry felt by our citizens who could only imagine the condition of their homes and property. When you see them, please thank them for all they did and continue to do for us.

Although it was our intention to allow residents to have access to town tomorrow as well as today, this afternoon the State of New Jersey, NOT the Borough of Seaside Park, declared the roads on the barrier island unsafe. Believe me when I tell you that I am as frustrated by this development as you are.

We will make every effort to get everyone back into town as soon as we possibly can to finish the work we started today, and I pray that we can move back permanently and/or start the process of repairing or rebuilding before too much time passes.

Finally, my posting to you yesterday was composed at around 1:25 a.m. after a long day of ups and downs. In it I unintentionally left our fire department out of the body of the letter and to compound that, our borough office(s) administrative and clerical staff. It was my oversight and I apologize. By the way, I can tell you first-hand of the fire department’s volunteers’ great efforts to keep your property safe during the worst of the storm.

Continue to check this website for updates.

Robert W. Matthies