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Posted November 8, 2012

The Seaside Park Police Department was able to secure the opportunity for borough residents to conduct a home inspection and assessment from Governor Christie’s office. Residents that did not get the opportunity to visit their homes this past week to gather their personal items will have the chance to do so. Access dates will be determined by address within the borough. The access dates are as follows:

Friday November 9th– Homes located J Street south to 14thAvenue

Saturday November 10th– Homes located north of J Street and west of Rt. 35

Sunday November 11th– Homes located north of J Street and east of Rt. 35

On the applicable date, residents will arrive at the registration point, which is the Sears parking lot at The Ocean County Mall 1201 Hooper Avenue Toms River, NJ at 9 A.M. (Please do not arrive early, registration will not begin until 9 A.M.)

Identification must be provided and it will be compared with a master list of residents and homeowners that were previously granted limited access to the borough of Seaside Park. If it is determined you have already been granted access you will be turned away.

No more than two individuals per household will be granted access, one of whom must be a resident or owner.

A visual inspection only will be authorized for those residences deemed unsafe by State Officials. Entry into the structure will be prohibited.

All entry into the borough is at your own risk.

Residents granted access will board a bus for transport to and from the barrier island. Buses will board at 10 A.M. and return to the Ocean County Mall at 2 P.M.

Residents will not be permitted to leave the barrier island by any means other than the bus they arrived on.

At the designated time residents will board the bus for transport off the barrier island.

Residents can take with them only what they can place on their lap.