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Posted November 30, 2012

The Borough of Seaside Park has contracted the services of AshBritt Environmental for the removal of debris generated from Hurricane Sandy.

Residents should follow these guidelines when placing their debris on the curb:


– Separate debris by category (household garbage, demolition debris, brush, appliances or metal items, electronic items).  Appliances, metal, brush, and electronic waste will be collected by the Borough.


– Place the debris in the “right of way” or between the sidewalk and the curb.  Material will NOT be collected on private property.  Any incidental material left over after the contractor has removed the major debris should be swept up by the homeowner and placed in a garbage can to be collected by the Borough.


-AshBritt does not dump garbage cans.  Material in garbage cans will be collected by the Borough. For the safety our workers -please do not overload your cans!  The 50lb weight limit is still in effect.


– Share debris piles with neighbors


– Do not block roadways or driveways


– Empty the contents of your refrigerator and freezer. Secure the doors with duct tape, or remove the doors completely.


– Do not set debris against trees, poles or any other fixed objects, as it makes it more difficult for clean-up crews.


– Avoid placing debris near fire hydrants, storm drains and utility boxes.


– Household Hazardous Waste should not be placed on the curb for health, safety and environmental concerns.   Please see the Ocean County flyer for additional HHW disposal days and locations.


Curbside Debris Removal is tentatively scheduled through the beginning of December 2012. Please continue to visit the Borough of Seaside Park website for updated information.