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Posted December 3, 2012

If your home was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and you feel your assessment should be reduced due to the damage sustained from the storm you must notify the Tax Assessor in writing. There is a directive and a form that has just recently been developed by the Ocean County Board of Taxation for this purpose:


Ocean County Tax Board Material Damage Claim Directive and Procedure:

Ocean County Tax Board Material Damage Claim Form:


The Ocean County Board of Taxation website:


Please fill out the form and provide in addition to the completed form any documentation that will clearly and concisely quantify the damage sustained to your home.  This will help us with the review of your assessment for the tax year 2013.  All submissions must be made in writing to the Borough of Seaside Park Tax Assessor.  Electronic submissions cannot be accepted at this time.


Adjustments to assessments for storm damage will be made for the 2013 tax year.  The Borough of Seaside Park does not have the statutory authority to adjust your tax assessment or taxes for the tax year 2012.  Fourth quarter taxes are due as billed absent a change in current taxation law.  Please keep in mind that the Borough of Seaside Park does not pass their own property tax laws.  Property tax laws are State laws that all municipalities must follow.


If you have further questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact this office or the Ocean County Board of Taxation