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Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
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Posted March 6, 2014

On Saturday March 8th the Ocean County Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will be held in Seaside Heights. Staging for the parade, which takes place in Seaside Park, begins at 10:30 am. The start time for the parade is 12:00 noon.

If weather is nice and the parade is well attended, expect moderate to major traffic delays before, during and after the parade. The recommended routes to travel in and out of Seaside Park are route 35 and route 37.

During this time period there will be no disruption in the response of emergency services in Seaside Park. Great care and attention to detail have been given to formulate an active emergency operational readiness plan to cover all emergency responses within the Borough of Seaside Park during a time of possible high traffic volume and congestion.

To alleviate inconvenience to those who have to travel on Saturday it is suggested that you do so early in the morning, mid-evening or the day before if possible.