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Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
along the entire ocean beach and boardwalk

Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
on the ocean beach and boardwalk

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Posted June 5, 2014

Recently, Seaside Park was voted the #1 Beach Town in Ocean County and voted Third Best Beach in New Jersey by the Asbury Park Press.

#3 Seaside Park

The mirror opposite of its neighbor to the north, Seaside Heights.

Beautiful dunes. Beautiful sand.

We’ll let our readers describe its appeal: “Very clean, perfect size.” “Quiet, spread out, great sand bar.” “It’s my favorite because it’s mostly residential, but close to the fun.” “Access to Island Beach is a nice plus.” “Seaside Park is the best. Hands down. The south end around 5th and 7th avenues is the best. Parking is more easily accessible.” “You have the crabbing pier down the street at 5th Ave. and another at 14th. You have the rec field with baseball, basketball and tennis courts. Also a playground and lots of places to grab a bite.” “The northern end is where you want to be if you like to people watch and see action.”

                                       Bergmann, Randy. “The Best & Worst Jersey Beaches.” 31 May, 2014


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