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Crime Prevention

Burglary can happen to anyone. Age is not a factor in the crime of home burglary and anyone can become a victim of burglary. Burglars looks for easy targets such as houses that appear to be vacant, houses that appear to be empty for a short period of time such as when you go on vacation, houses with old locks, broken locks, or unlocked doors and windows.

Many burglars are young, and most are amateurs looking for an easy opportunity. The key to good home security is to remove the opportunity. All it takes to make your home less inviting to a burglar is a little common sense and several easy, effective, and inexpensive crime prevention measures.

Home Security Tips

Door should be metal clad or solid-core wood construction. A deadlock, in addition to the key-in-the-knob, is essential. Use a wide-angle viewer rather than a door chain to observe callers. A screen door or storm door offers additional protection if kept locked.

All ground floor windows should be kept closed and locked when you are away. Screen and storm windows should be securely fastened to the structure.

Keep your second floor secure by trimming tree branches away from the house to prevent climbing, and do not store ladders where a burglar can use them. Take the same precautions as with ground floor windows.

Close and lock your basement windows. Treat the door from your basement into the main part of the house as an exterior door.

The garage door should be closed and locked. Make sure that you treat the entrance door from the garage to your house the same as any other door. A burglar in your garage can work on your house door undetected.

Treat all exterior doors on the rear and sides of your home as probable targets for entry.

Each exterior entrance, including the garage door, should be well lit. Install lights in your yard or mount floodlights under the eaves to prevent blind spots where burglars can hide.

When you are away from home, either on vacation or just for the evening, keep some interior lights on. To create the appearance that someone is at home, use a timer to turn lights on and off at normal times. A radio playing adds to the illusion that the house is occupied.

When placing trees, bushes, and flowers remember to keep doorways, windows and porches clear. Remember that the bushes that provide you with privacy also give a burglar a place to hide. Plan your landscaping with both privacy and security in mind.

Talk with your neighbors about your safety concerns. Tell them what you are doing to protect your home. Ask them to report any suspicious persons or activities around your home to the police. Good neighbors make a safe neighborhood.

Find more ideas take a look at the National Crime Prevention Council’s website provided below.