Departments & Offices


Reporting a Crime

Q: May I remain anonymous when reporting a crime?
A: Any individual reporting a crime or providing information relating to a crime can remain anonymous.  Information can be provided to the Seaside Park Police Department at any time, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.  The number to call is (732) 793-8000.

Q: How do I make a report over the telephone?
A: If a written report is required to be completed by the officer, the incident must be reported to the officer in person at the scene of the incident, at their residence, or at the Seaside Park Police Headquarters.

Getting Documents

Q: How do I contact the Records Clerk by telephone?
A: You can reach our Records Clerk Monday thru Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The telephone number is (732)-793-7737 ext. 248

Q: How long does it take to get a report after it is requested?
It usually takes between five to seven business days to obtain a copy of a report when it is requested.

Making Reports

Q: How do I report a missing person?
A: Call the Seaside Park Police Department at (732) 793-8000.

Q: How do I report a motor vehicle accident?
A: A person who is involved in or a witness to a traffic accident should call 9-1-1 or, if certain that the accident has occurred in the Borough of Seaside Park, (732) 793-8000.  It is helpful if the person reporting the accident has basic information to relay such as: exact location, number of vehicles and whether any of the occupants are injured.  Your phone number should be given to the dispatcher if possible.

Q: What should I do if I witness a traffic accident?
A: Report the accident to police immediately.  Remain on the scene, if possible, until police arrive.  Identify yourself to the officer and tell him or her that you are a witness.  If you must leave an accident in Seaside Park before police arrive, you should call (732) 793-8000 and identify yourself to the Police Dispatcher.  The investigating officer will return your call, at which time you may relay your observations.

Q: What should I do if I have been involved in a traffic accident?
A: A person should determine if anyone is injured and report the accident to police by the quickest means possible – call 911 or (732) 793-8000.  All drivers should remain at the scene until police arrive.  You should retrieve your driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance card to present to the officer upon his or her arrival.

Q: How do I report a motor vehicle violation?
A: A complaint for a specific violation such as speeding, careless driving, driving under the influence or aggressive driving, should be directed to Seaside Park Police Department at (732) 793-8000.  You should give the dispatcher a physical description of the vehicle including color, make, model and a description of the driver and/or occupants if possible.

Q: How do I report malfunctioning traffic signals and missing or damaged traffic signs?
A: Regulatory signs such as stop or yield signs that are not visible could pose an immediate traffic hazard and should be reported at once to police dispatch at (732) 793-8000.  Malfunctioning or improperly working traffic signals should also be reported to police dispatch.  If you observe any damaged or missing signs such as directional signs and speed limit signs, they should be reported.

Personal Safety

Q: What are the rules for child safety seats in vehicles?
A: New Jersy State law requires all children under age 8 who weigh less than 80 pounds to be in an appropriate child restraint in the rear seat.  All children between 8 years and 18 years are required to wear a safety belt at all times.  Use the appropriate restraint, and use it correctly.  Rear-facing seats placed in the back seat from birth to at least 20 pounds.  Forward-facing seats placed in the back seat from at least age 1 and 20 pounds to until about age 4 or 40 pounds.  Booster seats in the back seat from about age 4 until 8 years or 80 pounds and approximately 4′ 9″ tall.

Q: How do I obtain a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)?
A: There are three ways.  In an emergency situation, when police are called to the residence, the officers on the scene can help obtain a TRO for the victim. A TRO can also be obtained through the Ocean County Family Court, during normal business hours.  After hours, weekends and holidays, TRO’s can be obtained through the officer assigned to the incident at the Seaside Park Police Department.


Q: How do I retrieve an impounded vehicle from the towing company?
Vehicles are released by officers at the Seaside Park Police Department.  A release form is required to obtain your vehicle from the towing company. Once the bill has been paid, the car will be released to you.  You will need to provide proof of identification to have the vehicle released to you as well as valid driver’s license, registration or insurance card if required for release.

Q: How do I obtain property being held at the Police Department?
A: In order to retrieve any property, please call first to set up a time to come in and meet with the  Evidence and Property Officer.  If the Evidence and Property Officer is not available to return your property, an officer may be able to assist you based on the nature in which the police came to be in possession of the item(s), such as lost and found items.


Q: How do I apply for a Firearms ID card or Permit to Purchase?
A: All firearms application forms as well as the instructions for completing them can be obtained by residents of Seaside Park at the Police Department window on Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. All applicants must be fingerprinted by our police department for this application. You need to call (732) 793-8000 to arrange a time for the fingerprinting .  There is a fee which must be paid in the form of a certified check or money order.  This fee will be forwarded to the State of New Jersey.  Additional fees will apply for an ID card and each permit to purchase and can be paid when picking them up.