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Home Alone Monitoring Program

The Seaside Park Home Alone Monitoring Program allows for daily checks on the welfare of residents. This program allows an automated check in on residents who may be elderly or home-bound, for any reason. This feature of the Swift911 system is designed to give family members peace of mind and help residents get the help they need as soon as possible.

How the Program Works

At approximate pre-specified hours, you will receive a free daily phone call from the Seaside Park Wellness Check Program to check on your well-being. The call will begin with the following prerecorded message: “This is the Seaside Park Wellness Check Program. If you are OK please press ‘1’.”

When you become a participant in the program, you will be asked to identify friends or family who may assist you in an emergency. When the system cannot make contact with you, it will call the relative or friend you have designated.

If your telephone line is busy or there is no answer, the system will call back one more time after four (4) minutes. If there is no answer or the line stays busy, your contact will automatically be notified to check on you.

The system will only respond to touchtone telephones or through a TTY, a device for the deaf and hard of hearing.


If you would like to enroll in this program, please complete the application below. You will receive a phone call prior to your first call to let you know your application has been processed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Seaside Park Police Department at (732) 793-8000.

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