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Internal Affairs

Under the authority of the Chief of Police, Sergeant Bryan McKay, oversees the Internal Affairs function within the department.

The goal of Internal Affairs Unit is to assure that the members of the Seaside Park Police Department meet the highest standards of integrity and ethical performance. The Seaside Park Police Department is dedicated to providing the best possible police service to the citizens it serves. Through a system of internal discipline where fairness and justice are assured by objective, impartial investigation and review the Internal Affairs Unit investigates every complaint received, including anonymous ones. All complaints are taken seriously and investigated to its logical conclusion.

If you feel strongly about the conduct of an officer, positively or negatively, please let us know. Personnel from the Internal Affairs Unit can be reached by telephone at: 732-793-8000 or citizens may visit the Seaside Park Police Headquarters located at 1 Municipal Plaza, Seaside Park, NJ 08752. Email at

Seaside Park Police S.O.P. V1 Ch35

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