Departments & Offices


Rules for beach & boardwalk

Dogs, pets, horses, and other animals are prohibited from the beach and boardwalk at all times.  Our Borough Ordinances state no animals are allowed on the beach or boardwalk at any time, in all seasons. Violators may be summoned and fined. The only exception to this is for registered service animals (such as seeing-eye dogs and on-duty police dogs).

Animals left unattended in vehicles

Please report any animals left in an unattended vehicle during extremely hot or cold weather conditions by calling the police department by calling (732) 793-8000.   We work in conjunction with the ASPCA to prevent harm to animals left in vehicles. Visitors should kennel their pets or arrange for a pet-sitter instead of leaving them in their vehicles to ensure their pets safety.

Leash and Cleanup Laws

Animal owners and caretakers are required by Borough Ordinance to leash pets or animals brought onto public streets and areas.  Animals waste is a health hazard, and our Borough requires that pet owners/caretakers clean up any waste your animal deposits anywhere in Seaside Park.  Help keep our shore community beautiful and disease-free by cleaning up after your pets.


The Borough of Seaside Park requires all dogs to be licensed annually.  Licences are available at the Borough Offices on 1701 North Ocean Avenue.  You can call (732) 793-3700 for more information.

Looking for a pet or need to find a new home for your pet?

Give a stray a new home! makes it easy to search by animal type, breed, and location.  Local animal shelters that take in pets include these three:

Jersey Shore Animal Center
185 Brick Blvd.
Brick, New Jersey 08723
Phone: 732-920-1600

Associated Humane Societies at Popcorn Park Zoo
1 Humane Way (off of Whiting – Lacey Road)
Forked River, NJ 08731
(609) 693-1900

Ocean County Animal Facility (North)
615 Fremont Ave. (off of Route 547)
Jackson, NJ 08527
Phone: (732) 657-8086