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Weekly Police Blotter – October 11th through October 17th, 2019

Good morning! I hope this message finds everyone doing well. Below is the police blotter. Have a wonderful weekend!


Open Door- In the area of D St. Officers were dispatched to an open front door to a residence. Officers arrived and checked out the property. No signs of forced entry were observed and nothing appeared to be disturbed. The residence was secured, and the home owners were notified.

Burglar Alarm- In the area of 11th Avenue a burglar alarm activation was reported. Officers arrived at the residence and checked the property. The residence was secure, no further police action required.

Fire- Officers were dispatched to a possible fire at J St. and Central Avenues. Officers arrived and observed smoke coming from the mulch around the business. Police smothered the fire out, and the Seaside Park Fire Department came and soaked the area to ensure it was completely extinguished.

Keeping the Peace- During an eviction officers were requested in the area of O St. to serve and eviction notice. Officers responded and were able to maintain peace during this process. No further police action required.


Disturbance- A caller reported a verbal disturbance in the area of Decatur, and Ocean Avenues. Officers responded to find a male and a female arguing. Both subjects were intoxicated. Officers were able to mediate the situation. No further police action required.


Bicycle Incident- A victim stated he was struck while riding his bicycle while on the boardwalk by two other bicyclists. The incident occurred on the boardwalk in the area of O St. The victim was riding and was struck by one juvenile male and was knocked off his bike, and was struck by the 2nd after he had fallen. The victim was checked out by first aid. The area was checked where the incident occurred but no individuals matching the description were located.

Domestic – In the area if I St. Police were dispatched for a domestic incident. Officers arrived and spoke to those involved. It was determined to be just a verbal altercation between a male and female. Officers were able to mediated the situation. No Further police action required.


Down Wires- A caller reported a transformer sparking and a loud boom in the area of K St. and Central Avenues. A swan hit the power line causing the transformer to fail creating the explosion and knocking the wire down. Police responded and diverted traffic away from the power lines. JCP&L were notified to make the necessary repairs.

First Aid- Officers responded to a victim who was possibly experiencing a seizure. Officers and Tri-Boro First Aid Squad assessed the patient at the scene, and transported them to Community Medical Center for further treatment.


Suspicious People- A caller reported two people peering into windows at a house in the area of Porter Avenue, and Central. Officers checked the area and did not locate anyone the caller described. The residence in question was checked, and it was all secure.