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Weekly Police Blotter – October 16th through October 23rd, 2020



Good morning! I hope this message finds all of you doing well. Below is the police blotter. The Governor’s executive order is still active so please continue to social distance and wear your mask where applicable. Have a wonderful weekend.




Alarm- Police were dispatched to the area of 9th Avenue for a burglar alarm activation. Officers arrived and found no signs of forced entry. The residence was secure, and it was determined that the alarm was set off in error.




First Aid- Police and Tri-Boro First Aid Squad responded to assist a fall victim. The victim was assessed at the scene by officers and EMS. The subject was transported to Community Medical Center for treatment.




Verbal Dispute- Police were dispatched to the area of 8th Avenue for a verbal dispute between neighbors. Officers arrived and separated the subjects involved. They were able to diffuse the situation and both parties were advised on how to sign complaints if they wished to do so.




Unstable Subject- Officers were dealing with a female subject in the area of Porter Avenue who had alleged an assault had taken place as well as her son possibly being in danger. After further investigation it was determined that her family members were all safe, and that the subject was in need of some medical help. Police made sure she was transported to the get the assistance she needed.






Overdose- Police and Tri-Boro First Aid Squad responded to the J St. Marina for a subject who was laying in the grass face down and was unresponsive. Police arrived and assessed the subject, and it was determined he was overdosing on narcotics. Several doses of Narcan were administered to the subject and he began to become alert. He was transported to Community Medical Center for further treatment.




Verbal Dispute- Officers responded to the area of K St. for a verbal dispute between neighbors who were allegedly screaming at each other. Officers arrived and spoke to the parties involved. Police separated both parties and spoke to those involved. They were advised how to sign complaints if they wished to do so. No further police action required.




Disturbance- Police responded to a disturbance in the area of Stockton and Central Ave. Officers arrived and located subjects involved in a verbal argument. Police separated those involved and were able to mediate the situation. No Further police action required.




Large Gathering- There was a large gathering of automobile enthusiasts gathered at Steaks Unlimited in Seaside Heights. A large portion of participants spilled over into Seaside Park. Seaside Park, Seaside Heights, Ocean County Sheriff’s Department, and the Ocean County Prosecutors Office had multiple officers keeping the peace and ensuring good order. The gathering went on fine with no issues.



Arrest- Police responded to a domestic call in the area of F St. The male and female had gotten into an argument and both subjects had been intoxicated. The female had broken the glass of the back door of the residence with her fist and was subsequently arrested and charged with criminal mischief.