Emergency Services

Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant

The Borough of Seaside Park is located within a ten mile radius of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant. If you hear a steady siren tone for three minutes, tune your radio to 1160 AM, 1310 AM, 92.7 FM, 94.3 FM, 95.9 FM, or 100.1 FM for official emergency information and instructions from the New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management.

Fire and First Aid Sirens

Seaside Park is served by a volunteer fire company and a volunteer first aid squad. Residents of the borough who volunteer their time as members of these organizations are notified of an emergency by a pager and by a siren. Please be alert for members responding to the fire house or first aid squad building; yield to personal vehicles with blue lights or hazard lights flashing.

Hurricanes and Nor’easters

Seaside Park is susceptible to hurricanes, nor’easters, and very strong winds. Residents and visitors should be prepared for the possibility of evacuation in the event of a hurricane. Property owners are also encouraged to maintain their yards so that garbage cans, patio chairs, etc. do not blow into the street during these storms.


The Borough of Seaside Park has ordinances prohibiting parking on snow covered streets until after the snow plowing operations are finished, and prohibiting the casting of snow into the street. Both of these hinder the efforts of the Department of Public Works in their snow removal duties and create a hazard. For further information, contact the Department of Public Works at 732-793-5100.