Memorial Bench Program

Memorial Bench Application

2024 Plaque Draft

Code Enforcement

As Is Letter

Citizen Complaint Letter

Housing Inspection Helpful Hints

Mercantile License Application (2024)


Rental Permit Application (2024)

Rental Permit Letter (2024)

Smoke Detector Code Update

Title Transfer Application

Zoning Department

Zoning Paver Application (Impervious Material)

Construction Office

4×4 Beach Buggy Permit

Building-Subcode-Permit, Building-Subcode-Fees

Chimney Verification

Construction Permit Application F100-1

CO Requirements

Demo Letter-to-Neighbors, Demolition Checklist

Driveway Apron-Curbing-Sidewalk-Permit Application

Electrical Subcode Permit, Electrical Subcode Fees

Fire Subcode Permit, Fire Subcode Fees

Flood Plain Review

Framing Checklist

Inspection Sheet

Plumbing Subcode Permit, Plumbing Subcode Fees

Work Summary

Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Paver Application (Impervious Material)

Clerk’s Office

Amend Bingo/Raffle License

Bingo License Application

Citizen Leadership Form

Do Not Knock Registration Form

2024 Dog License Application

Filming Permit

Notice of Tort Claim

Raffle License Application

Volunteer Application

Voter Registration (english)

Voter Registration (spanish)

Vote By Mail

OPRA Request Form


Boat Slip Rental Application

Marina Map

Trailer Boat Storage Agreement (2024)

Transient Slip Rental Agreement

Transient Trailer Storage Rental Agreement

Public Works

2024 Garbage & Recycling Calendar and Information

Garbage & Recycling Can Size Limits

Recreation Department

2024 Seaside Park Farmers Market Application

2024 Seaside Park Flea Market

2024 Seaside Park Jr Lifeguard 2024

2024 Boots on the Bay Vendor Application and Terms

2024 LDW Art Show Application

Use of Boro Facilities Application UPDATED FEB 2021

Tax Assessor

Request for 200ft List of Property Owners

Tax & Utility Office

ACH Payment Form

Tax & Water Change of Address Form

Water/Sewer Disconnect/Installation Form

Veteran Deduction

Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Deduction (PTD)

Statement of Income

Supplemental Form for Peace Keeping Missions