Mayor & Council

Council Committees

2023 Borough Council Committees

The Borough Council shall be organized into the following standing committees and be assigned to oversee the indicated Borough functions for 2023. No official action shall be taken during Committee Meetings.


Public Works, (Public Works, Water & Sewer) 

Chairperson: Dr. Fritz McHugh

Members: Marty Wilk Jr., Ray Amabile


Administration & Legal (Administration, Personnel and Law)

Chairperson: Gina Condos

Members: Matt DeMichele, William Kraft


Labor/Negotiation/ Contracts

Chairperson: Mayor Peterson

Members: Matt DeMichele, Gina Condos


Land Use (Building, Zoning, Land Use Board)

Chairperson: Marty Wilk Jr.

Members: Matt DeMichele, Gina Condos


Recreation (Tourism, Recreation and Beach Operation)

Chairperson: Ray Amabile

Members: Dr. Fritz McHugh, Gina Condos


Finance (Budget, Reports and Grants, & Insurance)

Chairperson: William Kraft

Members: Dr. Fritz McHugh, Matt DeMichele


Public Safety (Police, Fire, First Aid, Court)

Chairperson: Matt DeMichele

Members: Ray Amabile, William Kraft



Chairperson: Mayor Peterson

Members: (2 of the 3 at any given meeting depending on availability):

Alternate- Matt DeMichele, Alternate-William Kraft, Alternate-Marty Wilk, Jr.


Marina Utility

Chairperson: William Kraft

Members: Dr. Fritz McHugh, Matt DeMichele


These committees are subject to change upon further research and input from the council, with committee assignments contemplated to be a topic of discussion at first available work session for the 2023 calendar year.

Engineering: All members of the Governing Body deal with engineering, and no authorization for fees, engineering costs, or estimates may be made, except by the entire council, at a full meeting of the governing body.

Duties and Powers. Council Committees are organized to expedite and facilitate the work of the Council, but only within statutory limits as the entire Council is held responsible for any or all of its acts performed within the scope of authority.

Appointment. The Mayor shall be an ex-officio member of all committees but shall participate in committee meetings when the Mayor’s involvement will not violate the provisions of the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Law.