Mayor & Council

Council Committees

2021 Council Committees

The Borough Council shall be organized into the following standing committees and be assigned to oversee the indicated Borough functions for 2021. No official action shall be taken during Committee Meetings.

Public Works, (Public Works, Water & Sewer)
Chairperson: McHugh
Members: Liguori and Kraft

Administration & Legal (Administration, Personnel and Law)
Chairperson: Liguori
Members: DeMichele and Amabile

Land Use (Building, Zoning, Land Use Board)
Chairperson: DeMichele
Members: Kraft and Coleman

Recreation (Tourism, Recreation and Beach Operation)
Chairperson: Amabile
Members: Coleman and Liguori

Finance (Budget, Reports and Grants, & Insurance)
Chairperson: Kraft
Members: McHugh and DeMichele

Public Safety (Police, Fire, First Aid, Court)
Chairperson: Coleman
Members: McHugh and Amabile

Chairperson: Mayor Peterson
Members: DeMichele and Liguori