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Public Works

Seaside Park Department of Public Works
1201 Barnegat Avenue, Seaside Park, New Jersey 08752
Phone: 732-793-3700

Questions about the garbage and recycling collection schedule may be answered by the Department of Public Works. Printed collection schedules are also available at the Borough Hall, Construction Department, Police Station and Recycling Yard.



 2018 Garbage & Recycling Guide

 Acceptable/Non Acceptable Items In Your Single Stream Container.

 Acceptable/Non Acceptable Items In Your Single Stream Container (OC Edition).

Download Seaside Park Garbage & Recycling Container Flyer

Commingled Bottles, Cans and Plastic Containers

Including empty aerosol cans, should be mixed together and placed in a sturdy, reusable container (not in plastic bags, paper bags or cardboard boxes) for curbside collection. Items should be clean with caps removed, but you do not have to remove labels or rings. Please see section on Recycle Center for a list of recyclable containers and containers not recyclable.

Grass Clippings

Those with lawns are encourages to “Cut it and Leave it.” Grass clippings are a natural fertilizer and leaving them on the lawn can save you time and money, and will give you a better looking lawn.  Please do not bring grass clippings to the recycling center.


Please call the Public Works Department to schedule a FREE Thursday pickup of Bagged Leaves. The Department of Public Works encourages residents to compost leaves for mulch. Information about backyard composting is available upon request from DPW. Please, no grass clippings or other vegetative waste.

Tree Limbs and Brush

Should be cut and tied in bundles not more than three feet in length or fifty pounds in weight and placed at the curb with your regular garbage. It will be collected separately after your normal trash collection. No stumps or brush with a diameter greater then 4″

Weeds & Other Yard Waste

Should be disposed of with your regular garbage.


Automotive batteries should be taken to the Recycling Center and placed in the proper containers located in the “Environmental Drop-Off Shed.”

Common ALAKALINE household batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 9V can now be thrown away with your regular trash.

ALL RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES (Ni-Cad, Ni-MH) from cell phones, cameras, power tools, toys, etc. may be brought to the recycling yard and placed in the proper container located in the “Environmental Drop-Off Shed.” Please cover the terminals with tape or place each battery in a plastic bag.

ALL BUTTON BATTERIES (Lithium) from watches, hearing aids, cameras, etc may be brought to the recycling yard and placed in the proper container located in the “Environmental Drop-Off Shed.” Please cover the terminals with tape or place each battery in a plastic bag.

Electronic Equipment

Including computers, monitors, VCR’s, DVD players, printers, radios, laptop computers, telephone systems. Drop off at the Recycling Center or call DPW at 732-793-5100 to schedule a free separate collection.  TV’s and computers CANNOT be placed in your regular garbage.

Bulk Trash Information

*The bulk trash fee is $10 dollars per item.

In order to contain the costs off curbside garbage collection, the Borough of Seaside Park requires a permit for collection of bulk trash.

Bulk trash, including appliances, bicycles, carpets, furniture, tires and other large items, can only be collected if the required $10.00 fee is paid in advance and a “Bulk Trash Permit” is attached. Permits can be purchased at the Public Works Department. Bulk trash items will be collected on Thursdays, both oceanside and bayside.

Seaside park encourages residents to recycle WORKING refrigerators and freezers through the NJ Clean Energy Program.  They offer $50 for recycling working units.

Please visit for more information.

Collection of bulk trash items will be scheduled at the time the permit is purchased.

No trailers, vehicles or motorcycles will be collected.

The removal of construction or remodeling debris is the responsibility of the contractor or property owner and will not be collected by the Borough.

Paint Cans

Residents of Seaside Park and Ocean County may drop off unused paint and empty paint cans at the Department of Public Works building, 1201 Barnegat Avenue, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please check in at the front office to register before dropping off paint. Paint will not be accepted from businesses such as paint contractors. This program is for latex, oil and boat paint only. No stains or wood preservatives or other chemicals. For additional information, contact DPW at 732-793-5100.

Household Hazardous Waste

Ocean County is holding Household Hazardous Waste events this fall in October.  Click here for more information.

Ocean County Recycling

Ocean County Recycles

Toll free: 1-800-55-RECYCLE

LINK Ocean County Recycling Information