Free Public WiFi

Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
along the entire ocean beach and boardwalk

Connect to "connectedseasidepark"
on the ocean beach and boardwalk

Departments & Offices

Construction Office

Seaside Park Elementary School
313 SW Central Avenue
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
Please Use 4th Avenue Entrance
Carol Wroblewski
Email: Carol Wroblewski 
Telephone: 732-793-5100
Fax: 732-375-3058

Construction Officials

Thomas Brihn Construction Official
Building Subcode Official
Douglas Erb Electrical Subcode Official
Glen Purves Plumbing Subcode Official
Terry Moore Fire Subcode Official
Robert Nora Building Inspector
James Anderson Zoning Officer

JCP&L Guidelines on Rebuilding in a Designated Flood Zone

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