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Posted February 29, 2024
The Borough of Seaside Park submitted a Boardwalk Preservation Fund application for reconstruction of the boardwalk, which was not selected for award. The Borough received the following response from the Assistant Division Director of the Division of Disaster Recovery and Mitigation to explain the methodology used to determine eligibility for award:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Boardwalk Preservation Fund. As you can expect, this funding opportunity was very competitive.  DCA’s Division of Disaster Recovery and Mitigation (DRM) received 33 proposals with requests for funding well beyond the $100 million dollars allocated to the Boardwalk Preservation Fund. Proposals were reviewed for eligibility and then ranked based on the applicants Municipal Revitalization Index (MRI), the State’s official measure and ranking of municipal distress. Awards were made to the jurisdictions beginning with lowest MRI scores using the following allocation methodology until funds were exhausted.  Projects that requested over $40 million received awards of $20 million, while projects with requests under $40 million received 30% of their request except for smaller projects with funding requests below $1.5 million, which received 100% of their request.  With this methodology, we were able to award funding to 18 projects.